Reseller Buzz

Customers have the choice to interact with their service provider through a multitude of pathway: Telephone calling, email , through social media, chat and retail outlet approach. There lies the challenge for Customers obtaining satisfaction through continued and consistent support

Reseller Buzz, the rBuzzis a software designed and pioneered by Sun Business Solutions. It conceivably encompasses every aspect of Business Process Outsourcing. The brilliance of this software can truly be appreciated when a prospective users realises the placid simplicity of its use.

Reseller Buzz integrates the functioning of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with its own working. It helps the benefactor reap rich rewards in the form of better customer client relationships. It provides an able platform for customer acquisition, customer service, changes to existing services and also amendment of subscriptions. Currently, the software has enabled the management necessities of about 80,000 active users. As a direct result of the use of this software in preference to conventional methods, there has been a 22% increase in the revenue.

A great example that offers testimony to the sheer efficiency of this software is the dual integration with a leading telecom service provider. It has played a dominant role in the reduction of their response time. The software is a statistical monster and handles over 2000 transactions in fraction of a minute. rBuzz links with the functioning of the Oracle Billing and Revenue Management system for all activities in the telecom industry.

The impact that rBuzz has is enormous and is not limited to only the boardroom but it also plays a vital role in the automation of field service operations which is undoubtedly significant in the operation of IVR, an automated call service. It is used in diverse modes of access which includes SMS, the internet and mobile apps & also supports ticket booking services.